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The Young America Engine Company, No. 13, the last volunteer company in San Francisco to be organized, was established in January of 1854 by the citizens living at the Mission Dolores. This company which was later comprised of more than 60 working volunteers was housed at 3160 16th street and Albion. These volunteers were known as the company with the greatest spatial distribution, the largest percentage of foreign-born members and a largely white collar membership. This was in stark contrast to the mission district, a largely blue collar neighborhood with cheap housing. The merchants and businessmen were drawn to the volunteer company by their investments in the nearby industry and warehouses.

As San Francisco grew, the need for a paid organization to replace the volunteer companies became a necessity. In December of 1866 the paid fire department was established, disbanding the Young American Engine Co. No. 13. Two years later, on April 15, 1868 Engine Co. No. 7 was organized as the legitimate successor of the Young American Engine Co. No. 13.

The original, three story firehouse was lost in the great 1906 earthquake and fire. Two years later, the firehouse was rebuilt and normal operations of the company resumed. The current 2 story structure was surmounted by a cupola with a bell, now the juice fire tower. The first floor housed the companies engines, hoses and tools. The second floor, where our studio is currently housed, was used as a meeting and social area of the company.

Engine Co. No. 7 was housed at 3160 16th street for 92 years until being relocated to 80 Digby Street and becoming Station 26.

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